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Scatter plot for 6-hr Res. Fluxes from CRS Experiment on Voyager 2

Time span: 1977-08-24 - 2016-07-09

Data and information about the data are here
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Fluxes   (Numbers below are min/max energies in MeV/n)
1.853-2.624X   Y
1.884-2.629X   Y
1.891-2.654X   Y
4.200-6.000X   Y
3.496-8.073X   Y
3.472-8.151X   Y
3.535-8.590X   Y
6.184-42.020X   Y
17.86-26.810X   Y
30.09-69.410X   Y
130.3-225.2X   Y
1.805-2.599X   Y
1.802-2.614X   Y
1.802-2.640X   Y
2.800-8.042X   Y
2.834-8.033X   Y
2.833-8.089X   Y
4.200-5.940X   Y
6.055-42.02X   Y
17.73-26.79X   Y
17.87-26.78X   Y
30.09-69.02X   Y
30.33-69.33X   Y
185.3-458.8X   Y
191.0-457.4X   Y

* Select the fitting method
    No fitting     Delta-Y method(N<30000)

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